In order to have the appropriate number of watch care workers on MOPS mornings, we need to know your children are coming! Please fill out a section of the MOPPETS registration form for EACH child you will be putting into MOPPETS and the Home School room and include it with your registration form.

When you arrive at MOPS you can enjoy the meeting knowing your children are in safe hands. All of our MOPPETS workers are professional watch care workers contracted through the Chapel. Each is background checked, Red Cross trained, and is supervised not only by the Chapel but our MOPPETS Leader and Assistant MOPPETS Leader.

We ask each mom to read the MOPPETS Watch Care Policies before arriving at their first Belvoir MOPS meeting.

MOPPETS Watch Care Policies

We are delighted to provide quality watch care for your children while you attend MOPS meetings.  Please read the following policies carefully to ensure a smooth transition for you and your child.

**Woodlawn Watch Care is a Nut-Free facility**

Arrival/Drop-off (starts at 9:15am)

§  A registration form must be filled out for each child you are bringing before a child can be dropped off in his/her MOPPETS class.
§  Upon arrival at MOPS, all children need to be signed into their appropriate class.  Please be sure to make the necessary notations on the sign in sheet to include: special items in case of fussiness, feeding time, potty training, allergies, etc.
§  Try to make the moment of separation reassuring but quick.  The longer you linger, the more confused your child will become as to whether or not you are really leaving.  Give him/her a hug, tell him/her you’ll be back soon and let the caregiver take over.

During the Meeting

§  Mothers should be in the building at all times. 
§  We request that only babies 6 months and younger join you in the meeting hall during MOPS meetings. If your baby starts to cry, please quietly step out of the meeting room or allow a Mentor Mom to soothe your child outside the meeting room. Meeting time is a sacred time for all Moms to be able to enjoy without distraction or interruptions.  Please allow our excellent MOPPETS workers and volunteers to care for your 6 month or older aged child while you enjoy our meeting time together.
§  Please refrain from checking on your child during the MOPS session.  It upsets the children to see other children’s moms coming and going.  If you need to check on your child, please ask your Mentor Mom or the MOPPETS Coordinator to do so for you.
§  If your child needs you, you will be notified by the MOPPETS Coordinator during the meeting.

Pick Up (11:45)
§  Children are to be picked up by their mothers unless prior arrangements are made with the MOPPETS workers.  Please be careful as you open the doors as there may be a child standing on the other side.
§  Children must be picked promptly after each session ends.  If you have clean up duty, please begin clean up in time to pick children up at 11:45 or pick up your child before clean up begins.

What to bring

§  Please leave your child with a sufficient number of diapers and wipes (a diaper an hour is a good number to go by).  Please bring a complete change of clothing and a gallon size zip lock bag for all children.
§  Please label all bottles, sippy cups, blankets, diaper bags, pacifiers and coats with child’s first and last name.

What not to bring
§  Please do not bring snacks for your child unless your child requires special food. Please note we are a nut free facility. Snacks will be provided.
§  Please do not bring drinks for children 2 years old or older.  Water will be provided for children over 2.
§  No medication of any kind will be administered by the teacher.  If a child must have medication, mom is the one who must administer it.

Sick Policy

§  Children who show signs of illness such as a high fever, runny nose, rashes, vomiting, diarrhea, pink eye, etc. are not allowed to attend MOPPETS.  The MOPPETS Coordinator will notify mom to pick up her child immediately if the child becomes ill while in class.


§  Our Watch Care workers provide loving quality care to your children during your MOPS meeting.  Please let them know how much you appreciate them and that they helped make a difference.  Without these great ladies, we would not have MOPS. 


§  If you are concerned about anything related to MOPPETS, please contact the MOPPETS Coordinator or your Group Leader.